Questions around custody and access may arise under many different circumstances. Sometimes it is the result of separation and divorce. Other times a parent may be unable or unwilling to provide safe and nurturing care, and grandparents or another relative may step in. Sometimes the child is in the care or supervision of the Ministry of Child and Family Services. Whatever the circumstances, decisions must be made as to where and with whom the child should live, and what access non-custodial parents, grandparents or other family members should have. Disputes around custody and access are not uncommon in these circumstances.


Legislation in British Columbia dictates that the child’s best interests are paramount, and this requires consideration of the child’s perspective. However the child’s developmental level, loyalties and stress can all combine to make it challenging for some children to express their views.


With over 30 years of experience counselling children, youth and families, Linda has a thorough understanding of child development and is sensitive to children’s concerns. She is known for her ability to quickly establish a rapport with children, setting them at ease so they are able to able to share their thoughts and feelings about their situation.


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