Frequently asked questions

How is a Views of the Child report different than a section 211 Full Report?

A Views of the Child report is not the same as a “Full 211” under the FLA, section 37. The Full report includes an assessment of parents’/guardians’ strengths and challenges in meeting their children’s needs. The interviewer also gathers information from collateral sources in order to make recommendations about custody and access. 

Please note that Linda Fountain does not do section 211 Full reports.

How long will it take to complete the Views of the Child Report?

Reports can usually be completed within two to three weeks, assuming that the guardians are able to make timely appointments for the interviews.

If more than one child in the family requires a Views of the Child Report, can they be interviewed together?

Children will always be interviewed separately, so that they are more able to share their own opinions.

Who should bring the child to the interviews?

Wherever possible, one parent/guardian is asked to bring the child to one interview, and the other parent/guardian is asked to bring the child to the second interview.

Will the interview upset my child?

When the interview is done sensitively by an experienced therapist, most children appreciate the process. Even shy children and those upset by their circumstances often remark that they enjoy the interview and appreciate being asked for their thoughts. As an experienced therapist, Linda is able to respond compassionately and sensitively to children who are distressed when talking about their living situation.

My Approach

Parents and/or guardians are asked to complete an Intake Form (Download form) that provides information about the child, as well as what questions and concerns they hope to have addressed in the report. In the case of a court order, the judge will also indicate what issues and questions need to be answered.


Each child is interviewed twice, in a child friendly environment. The first interview addresses the questions outlined in the Intake Form and/or Court Order, and elicits the child’s feelings and views. A draft report is then prepared, and reviewed with the child during the second interview. The child can then request to make any changes to ensure the report accurately captures their own words and what they wish to share about their preferences. A final report is then prepared and provided to the parties and/or the court to assist them in decision making.


Interactions between parents and the interviewer will be kept to a minimum in order to avoid biases. While the interviewer will need to discuss availability and payment arrangements with the parents, additional contact will not be required. In order to allow parents to express topics of concern, both parties will have the opportunity to submit an intake form outlining areas they would like addressed in the interview.